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This is the official site for Red Deer Carpet Cleaners. Our carpet cleaning professionals bring you state-of-the art equipment and leading-edge cleaning processes to make your home or business glow!

We guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with the results and will find the entire process painless, affordable, and rewarding from start to finish. Our friendly, professional carpet cleaning specialists will work with you to bring the elegance of clean, sparkling carpets to your house, apartment or commercial establishment .

Red Deer Carpet Cleaners specializes in residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, furniture & upholstery cleaning and pet odour and stain removal and scotchgard.Red Deer Carpet Cleaners provides you:

  • Reliable, speedy, friendly and affordable carpet cleaning services!
  • Responsive and trustworthy cleaning services accessible all day, every day!
  • State-of-the-art equipment to give you the best results!
  • Professional carpet cleaning specialists who are professionally screened and criminally checked for your safety!
  • Environmentally friendly equipment and cleaning agents only!​

Your satisfaction is the single most important factor of our business and will not cease until you are so excited your run from your residence or business and scream, “Red Deer Carpeting Cleaners only rocked my world”. If you don’t do this after our services are not incomplete we won’t take it personally, but you get the point. Your business means a lot to us and we’ll work our tails off until you’re happy!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is absolutely everything! It’s not only important to you, but it is very important to us. We pride ourselves on repeat business and new referrals from our satisfied clients. We urge you to let us know if there is anything at all that we can do to make your experience with Red Deer Carpet Cleaners better! We promise to carefully clean your home or office carpets, upholstery and tile and grout with only the best environmentally friendly cleaning agents, which are safe for your pets and family. Let us personally bring our 100% satisfaction guarantee to your home or office. We want you to make us the Preferred Carpet Cleaning Services in Red Deer and Central, AB. Fill out the quote form or give us a call today!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to taking care of Red Deer AB’s residential carpet cleaning services, we’re the bees knees! We will leave you with the cleanest carpets you’ve ever experienced and offer extremely competitive pricing! Except for when your carpets were brand new, duh. Your carpets are sure to impress everyone (even your in-laws at the next family bbq!), for months, unless you’ve kids or dogs, then it might be weeks, days, maybe hours. Seriously. Our team is full of really cool and nice folks. Really, If there was an award for the most awesome Red Deer carpet cleaning company we’re pretty confident we would win and obviously give a tear-jerking address after thanking all of our customers and everyone that made this happen. We do take cleaning your residential carpets seriously and want you to trust us. We pride ourselves on supplying the most professional carpet cleaning services in the industry when it comes to carpet cleaning in Red Deer, AB.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Listen, we know that you want to impress the hell out of anyone who walks into your business. And it’s okay to admit it. That is why we take cleaning your commercial carpet cleaning needs very seriously! You may inquire, “Why so serious?” Well, we understand that some commercial carpet cleaning companies tend to slack off when they can. We find that sort of service unacceptable! We accept all challenges with open arms, although we understand that some commercial carpet cleaning jobs in Red Deer are massive and might look overwhelming for your run-of-the-mill cleaning company. But we’re not your average cleaning company! We’ve got loads of expertise in making your commercial carpets and furniture looking and smelling and feeling cleaner than ever. We want you to think of that “Zestfully Clean” commercial every time you walk into your office after we’re done with you. Hey, it worked for the soap company, why won’t it work for us. Even if it’s the case that you don’t think of that slogan and correlate our name with it, we understand that you’ll be astonished by our work. Call us today and see what our mean, green, commercial carpet cleaning machines can do for your commercial building.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Let’s face it, tile and grout cleaning suck. We have seen some pretty terrible stuff in regards to dirty tiles and built up grout, so we guarantee not to run away screaming if you’ve really let these things get away for the past 5 years for you. We’ use state of the art cleaning technology that’s guaranteed to get the most demanding jobs done. We truly have a saying when our customers request if we can clean your grout that goes, “Clean your grout, regardless of how filthy, there is no doubt!”. So please don’t be scared when you call us and inquire about our Red Deer tile & grout cleaning services and hear that as a response. Tile cleaning can be no joke while grout takes the cake out of both of these services. If you wear shoes in your house (it’s 2016, who doesn’t?) you’re pretty much guaranteed to need a tile cleaning (especially in Red Deer) at least a couple of times each year. This is another job that completely sucks, it takes a tremendous amount of your valuable time, and you can do some serious long term damage being down on your hands and knees  all day. Just do everyone a favour, particularly if your old or have a granny or grandad that is contemplating doing this and give us a call because this just screams back injuries for your old folks.

Rug Cleaning

Dirty Rug? We got you covered. Some rugs are basically antiques! Let a professional who understands what they’re doing manage your goods. Many rugs look horrible simply because they haven’t been cleaned in ages and ages. Don’t be that guy! (or girl). We love animals but we will clean your bear skinned carpet! Give us a warning beforehand please because some of our rug cleaners in Red Deer are a little jumpy and might freak out upon seeing it. Rugs can have a lovely effect on your own apartment, house or place of business so don’t neglect it, let us revitalize it! We think you get brownie points from guests seeing your place if you’ve got a clean lovely area rug they are able to walk on. Don’t you want brownies? Mmm, brownies seem good. The point here folks is that if you bought a rug, you need to care for it and we will scrub, wash, rinse, soak, or weave you a new one if we have to. Let us come over to your crib and take good care of your rugs. If you give us a hug how about this, we’ll do it for free, that is clean your carpet! OK, we can’t do that. This is a business after all and we’ve got to make a living somehow, but if you really want a hug, we’ll give you one, maybe after we clean your rug!

Furniture And Upholstery Cleaning

We put the “upward” in upholstery and furniture cleaning (furniture doesn’t have the letters up in them, but that is OK!). What does that mean you ask? We’re professionals and the best in Red Deer to service all your upholstery and furniture cleaning desires. We have cleaned upholstery older than your Grandmother so we know the way to care for every sort of upholstery irrespective of the age. On the topic of Grandma’s, if your Grandmother was getting a massage you’d want someone to be gentle. That is the same tactic we have while we clean your upholstery and furniture to make sure we don’t damage anything during our procedure. Talking of our procedure, we use two main approaches for cleaning your material. We use our steam cleaning procedure for most jobs. The amusing thing about steam cleaning is that our machines don’t really generate any steam. This entire procedure is dependent on lies because it works extremely well but it’s OK. The other technique we use is more of a deep cleaning system using shampoo and other top secret procedures that are confidential. Just kidding, we’re really transparent and it’s basically just environmentally friendly shampoo and hot water but it’s really powerful on seasoned furniture that may be slightly damaged but still gets the job done. With this arsenal of powerful furniture & upholstery cleaning procedures, there is literally no cleaning job in Red Deer that we can’t handle. So give Red Deer Carpet Cleaners a call or text today to see what all the buzz is about!

Pet Odour Removal

Gross. Only Gross. You love your pets, we love our pets (except for when they eat my Oakley sunglasses I left on the counter…), but they’re extremely good at coming up with the most corrupt odours you could ever imagine. Even a wet dog smells entirely different and way worse than a dry dog, and that is just from water! There are three million different reasons you have pet odour in your home but that is totally fine with us. We understand you love your furry kids and we are here to make sure your homes’ scent doesn’t suffer from it. We’ve got a wide range of pet odour killing methods we execute to leave your home smelling like……well like it did before you got your pet. We take additional steps to ensure that your home remains that way for months on end after we leave! We purchased a sloth only to see what kind of cleaning supplies we would need to remove this creature’s ghastly smells. OK, maybe we didn’t actually purchase a sloth only for this experiment, however, sloths are pretty adorable and make sorta awesome pets! But the fact of the matter is no matter what type or how many animals you’ve got terrorizing your home, Red Deer Carpet Cleaners pet odour cleaning service is up to the task! Call us today for your pet odour removal needs, your pets will love us! And so will you.

Stain Removal

A carpet stain is just like an itch in the middle of your back just out of reach. They are as irritating as it gets, but you can’t ignore it, and you need help getting rid of it. Well, the same rules apply when dealing with carpet stain removals and even furniture stain removals. Red Deer Carpet Cleaning has a passionate hatred for your carpet stains. Seriously, we hate it. We have seen it all. Many stains can be a lot more humiliating and “questionable” than others (we just look the other way) but someone’s gotta deal with it. And you can feel good that there is no stain that we haven’t been able to remove yet. We pride ourselves in getting those repulsive carpet stains out of your carpeting and out of your life, particularly the one those other “amateur” carpet cleaning companies were not able to get out. Lo and behold our highly confidential top secret stain removing special sauce. Obviously, we can’t reveal what it this proprietary formula is (or we’d have to kidnap you) but I guess we’ll let you watch our highly trained stain removal specialists at work when you give us a call. Or you can enjoy your favourite reality TV show in the next room and leave this stuff to the experts if you prefer. Give us, Red Deer’s stain removal dream team, a call today and we’ll tackle the toughest stains you can throw at us whether it be pet stains, wine stains, even blood stains (however if you just stabbed someone please call 911 and not us, you have bigger issues to worry about).

Deep Cleaning/Steam Cleaning

Deep cleaning and steam cleaning is saved for the darkest, dirtiest carpets, furniture and upholstery Red Deer has to offer. Fortunately we have the technology, tools, and methods to manage the deepest cleaning demands you could ever imagine (but honestly, what the hell are you people doing to get these stains on your carpet. Seriously, what are you doing? Don’t answer that because we sincerely don’t give a damn we just want to get those horrible stains out of your life forever). But seriously, let us get in there, deep in there, to get whatever kinds of s%*t you somehow got in there in the first place out of there for good. That steam cleaning procedure we were making fun of earlier is typically going to be enough to remove 90% of the stain for us. For you, yes you, the filthiest of the filthy, we’re here for you to tackle the other 10%. We can’t disclose just how deep we go because it is none of yo dang business, but we are ready to get down and dirty with your deep cleaning demands. Sometimes with the thicker material, deep cleaning can actually cause damage! We know just what fabrics demand what kind of deep steam cleaning so please give us a call and trust us trained folks over here at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners and let us deal with your Red Deer deep cleaning demands. We simply have too much fun saying the words deeply clean.

Carpet Protection

Laugh all you want but you should really be using protection! It can potentially save you from a HUGE mistake! Sorry but that was too easy and we could not resist. In all honesty tho, carpet protection is an investment us Red Deer Carpet Cleaning Professionals recommend. When you think of all the dollars and cents you’re going to save from less carpet cleaning visits from the top notch professionals like us, it might be worth considering. Red Deer Carpet protection services can vary considerably by square footage although we have the lowest prices regardless of your scenario. The ideal carpet protection bundle can significantly decrease all of those stains we were talking about previously. It undoubtedly makes life easier if there is anyone that’s spill or disaster prone in your house. Call or text us to get a quote for your Red Deer AB carpet protection needs!

Carpet Repair Service

Don’t pull out your hair, just call Red Deer AB carpet repair! Pulling out your hair can seriously damage so please refrain from doing that. We know that once that carpet initially tears, you heart can drop and you may have cost yourself a small fortune! Well, if you give us a call we can probably relieve your pain and anxiety because it is surprisingly affordable to get your carpet repaired. Clearly, it is a good deal more expensive to get your entire carpet replaced so let us make you a carpet fixing offer. Carpet Cleaning in Red Deer is our bread and butter, but carpet repair is like the mint you get at the end of the meal. We’re happy to lower our customers stress levels when they hear they’re not as screwed as they originally believed. We understand that stuff happens in life such as basement floods, and plumbing nightmares but contact us for a free estimate on your carpet repair needs before you have an unnecessary panic attack.


Not all Scotchgard is designed equally. After decades of practice, we have fortunately recognized the most effective Scotchgard in the industry and are ready to apply it to your furniture. A number of people  think we are going to cover your furniture in scotch tape, we say that’s a ludicrous thought. The point of Scotchgard is primarily a preventative approach to keeping your furniture and upholstery lasting a rather long time. When you’re having a super bowl party at your place and your drunk neighbour spills beer or wine on your sofa, guess what? You can laugh and say it’s OK because those cool Red Deer Carpet Cleaning professionals did their thing and I don’t have to be angry at you! The clean up from this prior scenario can quickly be handled with some simple household cleaning supplies and paper towels. Ah, the beauty of Scotchgard. See we want you to feel calm when you’re going to have friends with refreshments sitting on your furniture. We promise you whether it’s a party foul or not, these accidents will happen on your furniture sooner or later. We want you to be armed mentally and physically for this scenario which is why we highly endorse the act of Scotchgarding your furniture! Let us know what kind of Scotchgard services interest you the most and we’ll lay it down for your harder than Fred did on your living room floor at last weekend’s gathering!

Water Extraction

​Ever leave the bathtub water running and get so distracted by Game of Thrones on the TV that it flooded your bathroom, hallway and basement? We haven’t but can guarantee that someplace in the world it’s occurred to some poor soul! Hopefully, you don’t have carpet in your bathroom (shame on you if you do) but there is a great possibility the hallway right outside of your bathroom might. If you have experienced any type of water damage on your carpet please don’t delay and CALL US NOW!  We appreciate an excellent kind of funk but not the kind you’ll bet getting if you wait too long to hire Red Deer Carpet Cleaners Water Extraction Service.  We truly empathize with our customers that have this issue because most of the time it is a fairly serious event that involves defective plumbing with a tremendous bill attached with that. We offer really competitive carpet water extraction services so when something like this occurs you don’t have to hit the panic button. The name of the game in this scenario will be to get-er-done fast before it is too late and you have a huge mound of mould within your house because that’s critically disgusting. Do not be that individual, call us today for your water extraction needs.

Welcome to Red Deer Carpet Cleaners 

Welcome to Red Deer Carpet Cleaners. We have the state-of-the art equipment and leading-edge cleaning processes to make your home or business glow!

Here at Red Deer, we guarantee that all of our services are great and it will make you be thrilled with the results that deliver. You don’t also have to worry about the costs since we have the most affordable carpet cleaning service around the area. 

We want you to know that our process that we have here at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners is the quickest and easiest that you’ll see. 

Our friendly, professional carpet cleaning specialists will work with you to bring the elegance of clean, sparkling carpets to your house, apartment or commercial establishment .

Here at Red Deer Carpet Cleaner, we specialize in different types of carpet cleaning that you’ll need. 

Below is the samples that we have specialize in: 

  • Residential carpet cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning
  • Pet odor and stain removal
  • Scotchgard

Here at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners, we provide you:

  • Reliable, speedy, friendly and affordable carpet cleaning services!
  • Responsive and trustworthy cleaning services accessible all day, every day!
  • State-of-the-art equipment to give you the best results!
  • Professional carpet cleaning specialists who are professionally screened and criminally checked for your safety!
  • Environmentally-friendly equipment and cleaning agents only!​

We value the satisfaction of all of our clients and we will give you the best carpet cleaning service that you can have. We won’t stop cleaning your carpets and leave until you’re happy with the service that we give you since you are a vital part of our business. 

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

We are proud of the service that we give to our clients since it is important to us to give top-notch cleaning services so you’ll be loyal and call us back.

Our lines are open to take any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions that you may have. We urge our clients so that we can make your experience here at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners better.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, which are safe for your pets and family. But you don’t have to worry about the quality of it since it can clean your home or office carpets, upholstery and tile and grout splendidly. 

Let us be your new carpet cleaner and be 100 percent satisfied with the service that you’ll receive whether you’re at home or your office. 

To get a quote for your preferred cleaning service, you can fill up the form on our Contact Us page or give us a call. To know more about the services we have here at Red Deer, you can browse our website. 

We are looking forward to cleaning your carpet and having a great and clean carpet.