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Carpet maintenance 101 by the Reddeer Carpet Cleaners team

Carpets can drastically change the overall look of your home. It adds a dynamic design to your flooring that can’t be achieved by simple wood or tiles. Moreover, carpets can also bring additional comfort to your home because of the soft texture. 

However, this beautiful decor comes with a price. It’s a pain to clean up carpets because they’re textiles that attract dust and odour. Additionally, it’s a nightmare to spill liquid onto a carpet because you’ll have a hard time cleaning it up. 

Luckily for you, Reddeer Carpet Cleaners are here to help you with your carpet cleaning needs. You can bring your carpet to our shop or call us to schedule an in-house appointment. Contact us directly at one of our official channels on the homepage of this website. One of our staff will gladly help and assist you with whatever you need. 

How to take care of your carpet

A high-quality carpet can last for years or even decades if you take good care of it. You won’t be able to maintain a beautiful carpet all on your own that’s why you’ll need the help of professionals like Reddeer Carpet Cleaner. 

However, carpet maintenance doesn’t end with your regularly scheduled cleaning. You also have to do your share of cleaning responsibilities in between the cleaning schedule. 

Here are some of the carpet maintenance tips you need to know to keep your carpet in pristine condition:

Invest in a good vacuum

Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on your carpet and sweeping won’t help you keep your carpet clean. A good vacuum can help remove dirt and debris from the carpet. You should at least vacuum it once a week to keep it clean and beautiful. 

Keep in mind that you need a vacuum that can easily be customized to fit the needs of your carpet. Moreover, it should also have efficient airflow and large wheels so you can utilize it more on your carpet.  

Spills are your enemy

One of the banes of having a carpet is fearing any accidents involving beverages. When a drink spills from your hand to the carpet, it’ll be a disaster because it’s going to stain. These accidents can’t be avoided and they’ll happen even if you’re careful. 

Once a carpet stains, you’ll have to address it immediately. The longer it sits on the carpet, the harder it’ll be to remove. Scoop or blot the spilt area with paper towels to remove moisture from the carpet. If there are still stain residues on the carpet, add small amounts of water and blot it again with a paper towel. 

It’s best to avoid using stain remover as much as possible because it can damage the carpet. Only use this product when the stain causes too much discoloration on the area. 

Address furniture dents

Although this doesn’t really damage the carpet, it can still be noticeable especially when moving around the furniture in your home. You can address this by rubbing the dent with a coin so that the fibres would stand up again. The friction’s static energy can encourage the fibres to go back in their original form thus removing the dented area. 

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