Reddeer Carpet Cleaners: Top 3 tips to clean steam vacuums

Navigating through the steam vacuum cleaner’s functions, care, and use is no easy task, especially with such advanced cleaning equipment. To help you explore all the functions of your cleaning device, and to help you explore its maximum potential, we have compiled a few helpful tips that will guarantee you a satisfying use of your new steam vacuum cleaner. Let’s get right to it, shall we? 

  1. How to descale a steam cleaner? 

Steam cleaners are really handy tools for cleaning. By using it, you can save yourself from a lot of hassle and hard work. With a steam cleaner, you can basically sit back and relax while the vacuum does the work. 

But like any functional cleaning device, such a highly efficient tool demands thorough maintenance. As a vacuum owner, you should be responsible for scheduling a descaling or decalcifying for your vacuum. The bigger the device the less frequently it had to be checked. Here’s how you can decalcify your steam cleaner: 

  • First thing you must do is to run the water tank of your cleaning device with one part white vinegar and two parts distilled water. Turn on the steamer until half of the solution is gone. 
  • After completing the first step, let the water cool down completely, then drain the contents of the steamer. 
  • Repeat the process as needed until the clog on your filter is fixed or the mineral deposits are completely dissolved. 
  1. Carpet cleaning with the steam cleaner 

Dust and dirt can easily accumulate in the carpet, which serves as a breeding ground for mites and other bacterias that can lead to several problems, especially in the case of allergy.

To give your carpet thorough cleaning down to the pores and crevice, a vacuum cleaner alone isn’t enough. You need a better device that can reach even the deepest seated dirt. For this heavy duty work, you need the help of a steam cleaner.  

Occasional steam cleaning can promote cleanliness and also removes residues that cannot be removed with the conventional vacuum cleaner and remain in the carpet despite regular cleaning. Moreover, it removes the unpleasant smell in your carpets using its deep cleaning system. 

  1. Parquet cleaning with the steam cleaner

With the advanced technology and engineering put into steam cleaners, it has established a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning devices used in private households and establishments. 

The device effectively evaporates tap water to temperatures between 150 to 300 degrees celsius. This particular function allows the device to remove particularly stubborn dirt without the use of cleaning agents that can affect the quality of your carpet. 

The steam units used in the household only apply low pressure on surfaces. Therefore, it does not damage sensitive surfaces. Even the flooring, wooden parquet, which is most commonly used in German apartments, can be cleaned without trouble with the use of a steam cleaner.

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