Professional Pet Odour Removal Service Red Deer

Are you an animal lover? Do you own dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits or parrots as pets? You’ll know pets always leave their odour wherever they are – no matter how good you clean them. They always leave their natural scent with time. Red Deer Carpet Cleaners provides pet odour removal in Alberta. We have the most professional service available in town.

Maybe you’re used to cleaning the stains and spraying the area yourself but sometimes the stains and odours are tougher to remove than you thought. Let the professionals at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners get rid of pet odours and stains for you.

Red Deer Carpet Cleaners are experts at dealing with tough stains that pets leave behind. After we rid your house of pet odour from urine and such, your house will have a fresh scent that’s as good as new. Also, your carpets will have a new shine to them. This is because we use only the best and most environmentally friendly chemicals and processes in the market. We have decades of experience in pet odour cleaning and dealing with tough stains. 

The Best Carpet Stain Removal Service in Red Deer, Alberta
To clean up tough stains left by pets, we use special and unique cleaning agent combined with our stain technique and top notch equipment, we completely destroy the stain, the odour and any germs left in your home.

We can also clean up other tough stains in your house with steam cleaning other processes. Your carpets will look so new, your guests will think they are new.

Our pet odour and stain removal service in Red Deer is just one of our many services which include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

Our pet odour and urine stain removal process:

  1. Tough, deep cleaning: Our safe, non-toxic cleaning agents are added into your carpet’s fibers and dissolve urine and other solid compounds in the carpet.
  2. Antibacterial treatment: We use our safe, non-toxic antibacterial agents to kill bacteria hiding in your rugs and carpets.
  3. Deodorization: We get rid of the odour completely by releasing it. This final process of cleaning pet odours and stains ensures your home is smelling fresh and not has no lingering odours.

Contact Red Deer Carpet Cleaners for pet odour and stain Removal today. The team at Red Deer Carpet Cleaners strive to be the ultimate cleaning service provider in Red Deer and Central Alberta. Call us now to get a free quote for pet odours and stain removal now.

Removing Pet Stains and Odour from Your Carpet

Our pets are considered as the youngest members of the family. More often than not, they are always treated like spoiled children who always get what they want. Sadly, what they sometimes want is something that we are not fond of. This includes making a mess out of our house. 

One of the usual things that they do is stay on our carpets and play there. Despite how disciplined they may be, there are still times when they have the tendency to accidentally pee or poop on our carpets. With their sweet stares, we can easily forgive them and let it pass. However, the smell and the stains will stay on the surface if we don’t have it cleaned professionally or manually. 

Aside from using Red Deer Carpet Cleaner, here are other ways that you can do to have your carpet back in its condition. 

For fresh wet stains 

The most common pet carpet stains are urine. So, if your pet just finished peeing on your carpet, it may be best for you to place thick layers of paper towels on the exact spot where they peed. 

It may also be better if you place a layer of newspaper on top and underneath the surface. Place a heavy object above it or stand above it for a while. Repeat this until the urine has been soaked by the paper. 

Afterwards, make sure to rinse this part with clean water. Pat it dry afterwards.

For dry stains

For dry stains, use a carpet stain remover. As much as possible, we suggest that you avoid using steam cleaners as these can only make the stain last longer on the fibres of your carpet. If you want, you may try to scrub it off lightly after you sprinkle some water on it. When drying it, make sure to only tap it dry. 

For urine smell

Combine a cup of water, a cup of vinegar, and two teaspoons of baking soda. Let this solution be soaked in the smelly spot before blotting it dry. 

For stubborn stains and smell

If the remedies don’t work well for these stains, then it may be best for you to have it cleaned by professionals. Better yet, extreme stains and smells may already require you to replace portions of your carpet. Worse, it may even have you replace your entire carpet. 

However, if the stains are bearable and if they are not that smelly, then maybe you can just live with them for a while. Until then, you can only hope that your beloved fur babies will not mess around and add more stains to your carpet. With that, we hope that your pets will be more cooperative in keeping your carpet spotless and odourless.